Emcee / Host / DJ


Whether you are putting together a variety show or a corporate event, Adam Flowers can tie your presentation together with magic, comedy and a bit of his own flair.  Customized scripts will be written to introduce each presenter, speaker, or act to suit your production needs. Also routines can be customized that highlight your companies product, tag line, or key value system. With over 25 years experience entertaining on television, nightclubs and casinos,  Adam can add life to your event by elevating it from the routine to the extrodinary.


Strolling / Close Up Magic


Perfect for your cocktail hour or a hospitality suite, Adam will ensure everbody has a good time during your event. Your guests will be astonished while the magic is performed right under thier noses, and even in thier hands. The magic happens with your guests belongings, everything from cell phones to finger rings.  It just doesn't get more intamate than this.


Comedy Magic Show


Great for adults, kids, and corporate settings.  The show involves a lot of audience participation,  and  incorporates members of your sales teams and executive officers.  Imagine your CEO magically appearing for his or her stage presentation? Adam Flowers can make it happen!


Fairs / Festivals / Streets


Entertained on the street or under a tent, audiences are invited to join Adam in his "Street Theater" show that is filled with hard hitting magic and playful anticts.  What makes this style show so unbelievable, even though surrounded, Adam continually mystifies the audiene.  Learn more at www.vegasstreetmagic.com


Equipment Availability


Audio and video equipment are available as well as stage illusions. All equipment is state of the art. Let us know your needs so we can help create your memorable event.